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Sue Bingham, Principal, HPWP Consulting

“Our team had the opportunity to take the Strengthscope® instrument and meet with beForte. In my 9 years with this company, we have done few things that have produced such a significant impact on our organization. [Based on the changes we’ve made], I believe we will be stronger, more innovative, and achieve significantly greater success for our clients and ourselves.”

Sue Bingham, Principal, HPWP Consulting
Samantha Herrell, Division Manager, Top Biotech Firm

“[The beForte workshop was] a great way to start off our meeting. The team continuously referred back to some of the concepts that were learned throughout the remainder of the meeting. It supported our Division Charter discussion so very well. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I definitely want to keep this alive, and will be pulling this through.”

Samantha Herrell, Division Manager, Top Biotech Firm
Kent Frazier, VP of Talent, Lieberman Research Worldwide

“beForte helped us create a custom leadership development program that has gotten rave reviews from our cohorts who have participated in this experience. The Forte team is actively shaping what the future of fully ‘human’ and strengths-based organizations will become in order to attract, develop, and retain top talent—so that companies can make a generative and sustaining impact in the world.”

Kent Frazier, VP of Talent, Lieberman Research Worldwide



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