When Mike and I launched Forte at the beginning of 2015, we thought we had a good idea. One of our company core values is to “Make things simple,” and it seemed to make sense to just have Forte be the U.S. Licensor for the Strengthscope® assessment. So we built a shiny new website at beForte.com with a robust login area where Strengthscope Accredited Partners could log in to purchase products easily, etc.

The site worked great, but over time it seemed we were being more confusing than simple. “Who’s Forte and what do they have to do with Strengthscope?” seemed to be the recurring inquiry that we felt from our community. As we continued on throughout this year, on top of the confusion, it also appeared that we were actually doing both brands a disservice by connecting them—quite an unintended consequence of our desire to simplify things!

So, with no more further ado (and with apologies for all the above ‘ado’), these two entities are now separate. Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Forte (beForte.com) — consulting firm that provides services to help maximize your leaders, teams, and culture (workshops, strategy, coaching, etc.)


  • Strengthscope U.S. (strengthscopeUS.com) — product-based company that distributes the Strengthscope product suite and certifies people in the U.S. to use the Strengthscope family of tools

Hopefully that makes everything a little more clear.

We look forward to serving you with both the services and products you need to create truly energized, next-level organizations… just in a more straightforward way!


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