I’m so happy to welcome you to Forte, to our blog, and to all that we offer to leaders interested in healthy, positive, energized workplace cultures.

And I’d like to begin with this:


That’s how an employee of a client company recently described personal insight he had gained during a workshop facilitated by my co-worker Mike, co-owner of Forte.

Life-changing. That is a big deal. It’s a huge, very humbling thing, to have that kind of an impact on a person. And I know this from personal experience because I’ve been told that, too, and so has Forte’s other co-owner, Josh. For this we all give credit to our philosophy of energy intelligence and a remarkable suite of assessments and development tools called Strengthscope.

Strengthscope looks at how we are each energized, and how we can use that energy to become more successful. Strengthscope also helps us see the unintended consequences of personal energy in overdrive as well as what happens when we don’t take charge of the things that drain us.

As Josh noted in the previous post, Forte’s mission is to create energizing workplaces for everyone. We approach this with a vibrant variety of methods, but energy intelligence and Strengthscope are at the core of everything we do, and are what lead to the many a-ha! and life-changing moments those we work with experience.

Everything that Forte believes in, focuses on, and espouses is summed up in the concept of energy intelligence. It’s something we invite (and encourage!) everyone interested in great workplace culture to learn more about. For starters, please use this link to download our ebook: Energy Intelligence: The Secret to Unlocking More Productivity and Success In Your Life, written by Josh and Mike.

We’d like you to get to know Forte, Strengthscope, and energy intelligence. And we’d like to get to know you, too. Future blog posts will include more about why it’s so important to understand your own energy. At the very least, you’ll find it interesting. Chances are it will increase your happiness quotient a bit. And who knows? It might even change your life!


One last thing…if you’ve been just getting our newsletters, we’ve now moved all updates to our blog…so you’ll be hearing from us a little more frequently!


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