Tuesday, August 19, 2008 was our first day of grad school. We met at The Gallup Organization World Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, all the classmates converging for two intense weeks of complete information deluge. It was utterly overwhelming and entirely invigorating, and I got the distinct sense that I was in the exact place I was supposed to be.

I don’t exactly remember if it was that first week or a subsequent trip, but I do have a quite vivid memory of talking with one of my classmates, Mike Miller, in one of the Gallup hallways. I recall saying something to the effect of, “It would be very cool to work together someday.”

Well, fast forward about 7 years… and I am quite thrilled to tell you that day is here!

As of today, our new company, Forte, is throwing its pebble into the internet pond. Like many things in life, this isn’t a momentous splash heard ’round the world, but hopefully it will have positive ripples for many years to come.

Four and a half years ago, I started my own consulting practice, focused on helping leaders leverage their culture, focus on strengths, and improve engagement. Over the past few years, Mike and I have been working together more and more—and with a rapidly accelerating pace after he called me up in 2011 and said, “Hey, you need to check out this Strengthscope thing.” Since then, it’s become increasingly apparent just how aligned our missions are and how complementary our strengths are (which, in my mind, is what makes for great partners in business, marriage, or anything).

Forte is a consulting group that exists to create energizing workplaces for everyone. We don’t do this just because it’s the right thing for the world (though it is), but because a strong culture makes for a strong business. Great places to work… well, they just work better, by almost any metric a businessperson cares about.

We are delighted to be launching this company, and look forward to helping as many companies as we can become amazing places to work. We also put together a little video, if you’re into that kind of thing…

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