The beForte Story

On a mission to help others "show up" at their best when it counts.

A message from our founder:

I’ve seen the success that comes when sales people and other customer facing professionals realize their strengths, ready their mindset and flex their skills and knowledge. I founded beForte to help individuals and organizations apply and reap the results of being at their best more often. The speed of change, both in business and in our personal lives, has never been faster. All of us can benefit from mastering our mindset.

Change and challenges are inevitable. Our proven strategies can equip you, your team, your leaders, and your organization with the resilience, motivation, and coaching strategies needed to overcome what’s holding you back from thriving in the toughest customer situations and the white-water of change. Challenge and change are inevitable in business. Getting through it at peak performance takes mental toughness, strengths, and the ability to bring out the best in people.

If you’re ready to move your team’s performance to the next level, check out our slate of proven strategies and programs to see what works best. Don’t see a fit? We will custom tailor our proven methods to you where you are right now. I look forward to connecting soon!

Ready. Mindset. Go!

- Mike Miller, beForte Founder & Managing Partner

Meet Mike Miller, beForte Founder & CEO

After 25 years of successful sales and sales leadership in the biotechnology industry, Mike founded beForte and is currently CEO and  Managing Partner. beForte is the culmination of Mike’s passion for helping individuals and teams drive their success mindset, strengths, business agility and performance to the next level.

Mike is a sought-after executive coach, experienced trainer, and professional speaker in a variety of team development and leadership topics. He is a Strengths Coaching Master Practitioner with hundreds of hours training and coaching high performers and teams. 

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