Our Story

We bring performance mindset and strengths training out of the locker room and into the business and sales arena.



Performance expectations and the pressure to deliver results in sales and business are greater than ever—making mental toughness, resilience, and unleashing strengths through coaching essential for today’s sales pros, business teams, and leaders to thrive.

While companies spend tremendous time and dollars on sales skills training and technical education, studies show that a majority of client/customer interactions are “Scrap and Waste”.* Maybe you’ve also witnessed this first hand?

beForte saw this glaring gap and that’s why we develop and deliver systems that ensure your customer facing pros and leaders can deliver the highest-quality interaction in front of every customer.

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*Hoskins, J. (2018). Level Five Selling.


We deliver structured cognitive training programs and coaching systems to meet 21st century business demands and help your teams transform “busy-ness” into productivity and real results. Why should pro-athletes be the only ones who benefit from psychological training and coaching?

Coaching is a HUGE component of performance. Don’t react to lagging indicators like monthly sales results to take action. Making real impact at the point where it means the most: coaching behaviors.

If you’re facing sales set-backs or dealing with organizational change, we have solutions that go beyond skill and technical training to deliver measurable performance results.



beForte’s approach reveals and reinforces your team’s natural energizers, instills a performance mindset, and optimizes coaching opportunities for individuals and teams that lead to next-level performance. Practical solutions using proven strategies to deliver peak performance.

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Why beForte?

The word ‘forte’ comes from the Latin word ‘fortis,’ which means strong or powerful—exactly what we want you, your organization, and your results to be. We believe that intentionally connecting to your strengths, being mindful of your thoughts, understanding your greater purpose, and have a great coach to guide you unleashes the full potential of each person and team.

Why mindset?

How we “show up” is the x-factor for closing the performance loop. beForte’s proven strategies for managing mindset optimizing strengths combined with great coaching create the formula for repeatable success.

Why strengths?

Individuality, diversity, collaboration, results—all aspects of your business can be re-energized with a strengths approach. beForte can't give you more time in the day, but we can help you, your leaders and teams generate more with the time you have each day.



Be There

Serve, respect, and value our partners and clients—opting for the right thing to do, even if it’s not the easiest path. This is experiential and not experimental.

Be Simple

Every one of our evidence-based, practical programs is designed to be accessible and memorable for all, using relatable stories, strategies and solutions. No hassles here.

Be Learners

We champion a growth mindset for every client and ourselves, asking the right questions, listening and acting with passion and energy. The learning never ends.

Be Real

Just as we coach our clients to challenge negative thoughts and focus on strengths, we also walk that talk, attributing successes and setbacks appropriately. What you see is what you get.

Be Excellent

We set high goals and standards for our team and the training we provide, upholding a high level of practical experience and technical expertise. Busy-ness does not lead to excellence.


Mike Miller, MBA, MS
Managing Partner, Chief Consultant and Executive Coach

Standout 3 Strengths: Enthusiasm, Creativity, & Strategic Mindedness

Location: Overland Park, KS

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller
Partner, Director of Business Development

Standout 3 Strengths: Relationship building, Efficiency, Optimism

Location: Overland Park, KS

Pat Frye

Pat Frye
VP Business Development

Standout 3 Strengths: Enthusiasm, Self-confidence, Relationship building

Location: Atlanta, GA

Ashleigh Bechtel, MBA
Strategic Partner/Strengths Expert/Facilitator

Standout 3 Strengths: Self-confidence, Enthusiasm, Leading

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Ashleigh is also President of Firefly https://makemybusinessfly.com/#about

Denise Scala
Project Manager

Standout 3 Strengths: Efficiency, Detail Orientation, Initiative

Location: Overland Park, KS

Megan Ewy
Sr. Accountant

Standout 3 Strengths: TBD

Location: Louisburg, KS


*Yeah, we know it’s big. Thus, space shuttle. Moon mission. You get it.