Strengthscope™ Suite

Targeting strengths vs. weaknesses

Focusing on maximizing strengths vs. battling weaknesses may sound counter-productive. Coaching to strengths leads to better outcomes, better productivity, and next-level performance. Yes, we do coach to weaknesses but most of the time the weaknesses we coach are not weaknesses at all! They are strengths overdone. Building on the strengths of your team creates a culture of mental toughness, positive energy, and resiliency.

Strengthscope™ Strengths Accelerator

Unleash the best in your people through individual strengths development. Kick it off with an energizing introductory session that introduces people to their strengths using Strengthscope™, a world-class psychometric assessment that connects people with their intrinsic motivators and natural energizers. We call this Energy Intelligence. One of our MOST popular programs.

  • Half-day kick-off session
  • Practical strategies and tools that optimizes strengths for development and mitigates pesky performance risks.
  • Live and virtual options.
  • Teams of any size.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions to sustain behavior change.

Sounds great to me!

Strengthscope™ Team Accelerator

Take a big step toward building a stronger team dynamic with this energetic, interactive, and popular half-day session. We’ll employ simple tools and practical steps to unleash individual and team motivators and strengths with the goal of creating greater collaboration, cohesiveness and team performance.

  • Half-day jumpstart session
  • Practical strategies and tools to make the most of your team’s abilities, skills and energy
  • Measurable results and sustainable behavioral change
  • Powered by Strengthscope™ Team

My team needs this!

Strengthscope™ Leader Accelerator

In the words of the great Vince Lombardi, “Leaders are made, they are not born.” Often it’s easier for us to see the leadership potential in others, than for them to embrace it within themselves. This comprehensive program includes multiple components to help would-be leaders identify their inherent strengths, then coach them in applying those strengths effectively, and setting performance goals for stepping up to the next level.

  • An integrated trilogy of workshops and coaching.
  • Uses FAST framework to accelerate: Foundations, Application, Spark, Thrive.
  • Invitation to join optional Leaders Master Mindset group.
  • Powered by Strengthscope Leader

Let’s talk about strengths and leadership!

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