Identify and build strengths for performance, leadership and change management

What to expect

The most successful sales people understand their personal strengths and exhibit a motivated, resilient attitude that—combined with their acquired knowledge and skills—results in more effective selling. But even the best can have their brains hi-jacked when facing the most challenging situations.

beForte applies proven tools and methodologies to help your sales team:

Identify the situations and thoughts that regularly challenge their performance.
Assess, understand, and take action through their personal strengths
Learn and adopt practical strategies for creating a strong performance mindset
Practice these skills actively to build and sustain a habit of mental toughness and resiliency

Our programs

beForte offers a series of interactive programs, each one centered on a particular area of growth or improvement and tailored to address the unique goals of your organization.


People who use their strengths at work are BETTER than those who do not. Access the most robust strengths-based assessments and suite of products to help your people, teams, and leaders bring their BEST to work each day.

Level Five Selling™

>60% of sales calls are “scrap and waste,” and typically use lagging indicators to drive change. Let us show you how the Level Five system can help you and your sales pros can deliver measurable impact your sales team behaviors and results.

Sales Motivations™

All the skill and talent in the world cannot overcome a distracted state of mind. And We live in a world full of distractions. Let us show you how you and your team can overcome these obstacles to performance and deliver the best performance when it matters most.

Proven tools and methodologies

Two powerful learning tools help provide valuable structure within our beForte programs. We use Strengthscope created by Strengths Partnership, Ltd.,a global suite of individual and team assessments that identify individual and team strengths and energizers at work that lead to peak performance.

We draw upon evidence-based strategies from the award-winning Sales Motivations workshops featuring blended and virtual learning platforms to help sales pros, teams, and leaders step up and deliver in the most challenging situations by strengthening key characteristics of motivation, coping with pressure, and resilience.

Our programs integrate scientifically proven concepts from the fields of cognitive behavioral psychology and positive psychology into practical skill training and tools that help take your team to the next level.

Is mindset costing you sales success?

Talk to us about your sales challenges, and find out how we can help!