Level Five Coaching System

This is NOT just Sales Training

The Level Five Coaching SystemTM is not just another sales training program. Who needs that? Rather, It is a disciplined process, set of skills and tools that arm frontline sales leaders with the ability and language to drive revenue growth and profits through ongoing coaching and development of their sales teams.

Say good-bye to sales call “Scrap and Waste.”

If you’re a sales leader you have seen it happen. If you’re a sales pro it’s happened to you. Truth is that about 60% of all sales calls can be thrown on the scrap heap. Time is too valuable! Your mission is too important!

  • Level Five creates a common language of performance that is easily mastered and simple to implement.
  • 70/20/10 learning approach maximizes impact and minimizes time out of field in costly meetings.
  • Performance improvement and learning takes place in-place, in-action, at the point of contact and not in a classroom.

I want to say “No!” to sales call scrap and waste.

Act on Leading vs. Lagging indicators.

Most companies try to affect behavioral change based on sales data that is dated, old, and lagging. Coaching sales behaviors vs. sales numbers leads to better execution. Where is MOST of the sales coaching taking place in your organization? Is it the right place? Is it the right time? Is it delivering the best results? Or is it happening at all?

  • Level Five uses data generated by behaviors to enable valuable coaching that delivers measurable results.*
  • Behaviors matter most and are leading indicators in tracking sales results.
  • Level Five systematizes sales coaching so sales leaders are spending the most coaching time where they get the most return.

Measurement provided by the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute

Sales call quantity is a MYTH!

More is not always better. High quantity mediocre calls never win over high quality calls. Proper planning, goal setting, and practice leads to better quality calls.

  • Level Five keeps sales teams in the field learning and executing.
  • The sales leader serves as the primary coach, teacher, and manager through a two-day, in-person training and 30-60-90 day virtual touch points.
  • Measured outcomes are gathered and reported back to team over a 6 or 12 month engagement.

See how it works

Typical 70/20/10 deployment of Level Five Selling ™ & Coaching includes training, outcomes research, and feedback sessions that optimize impact.

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