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How do you show up?

“Everyone lives by selling something”…Robert Louis Stephenson.

In Business 101, we learned to sometimes expect the unexpected. But despite sharply honed skills and keen technical knowledge mental blocks and interference can take you out of your game. When customers or colleagues shift direction or conditions change you must be agile. Education and experience matter but how you “show up,” in these situations can be THE competitive advantage.


When sales people possess a performance mindset, they understand their core strengths and think differently in dealing with challenges. In this jam-packed session, we’ll engage individuals with the fundamental concepts of why a performance mindset drives better sales results and how everyone can identify and build this mental muscle.

  • 2-hour, interactive, live workshop kick-off
  • Follow-up blended learning using cutting edge e-learning modules and toolkit
  • Optional Monthly Playbook for team optimization
  • Optional Performance Master Mindset Groups
  • Powered by Sales Motivations™

I love this mindset stuff.


It’s true! People don’t like two things….”when things change and when things stay the same**”. Organizations experiencing significant or ongoing change from mergers, reorganizations, market repositioning, or more, this session is for you. Give your people the tools to reframe the idea of change and more readily adapt to the unexpected or unknown.

** Mike Miller, Founder, Managing Partner, BeForte

  • Half-day interactive, live workshop kick-off
  • Follow-up blended learning modules and toolkit to reinforce learned behaviors
  • Optional monthly Change Master Mindset groups
  • Powered by Sales Motivations™

Change is everywhere!


Thriving in sales naturally requires a competitive spirit. For sales people, how they show up mentally makes all the difference in their results. In this advanced virtual learning sessions, we’ll draw on the proven EPIC model to help instill best practice behaviors and reinforce high-performance habits for ongoing success.

  • Based on the EPIC (Energized Performance in Competition) model of behavioral learning.
  • Sharpens competitive thinking and problem solving through tested strategies.
  • Micro e-learning subscription series.
  • Comprehensive training yet practical in application.

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