Mastering Your Mindset Series

NEW VIRTUAL, Three-Part Micro Learning Session, On-Demand Micro-Modules and Think Right/Do More Guide.

We are living and working in challenging times. Nothing about our times changed your skills or technical capabilities but distractions, uncertainty, ambiguity, and volatility reign! How do you keep from getting swept up in the swirl? This totally revamped program sharply hones your ability to overcome mental blocks and interference that take you out of your game. Skills and experiences matter but how you, “show up” in the most challenging times is YOUR competitive advantage.

Mastering Your Mindset Part 1

Through the Storm Virtual, Micro-Learning Program

Nothing about current market and societal conditions negatively impacted anyone’s skills or technical knowledge. But sweeping changes, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity can take the best performers out of their game or hinder them from their best performance. We draw on proven cognitive behavioral models to provide strategies for building mental toughness and resilience to get through any workplace storm.

  • Proven strategies for a positive mindset.
  • Sharpens focus and productive thinking that supports performance.
  • Introductory to mindfulness and managing common thinking errors.
  • Engaging micro-learning sessions using the BEST functionality of Zoom video.
  • “Apply it now,” with practical tools and enduring material.

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Mastering Your Mindset Part 2

Building Resilience Virtual, Micro-Learning Program

It’s true! People don’t like two things…”when things change and when things stay the same.”** Everyone can use new tools and consistent support to persevere through the most challenging times. Put our tools to work immediately to generalize your usual successes or manage unusual setbacks that are part of a world of uncertainty or just stretching outside of your comfort zone.

** Mike Miller, Managing Partner Beforte, LLC

  • Part 2 of the Mastering Your Mindset Series.
  • 55-minute interactive virtual micro-learning session.
  • Learn proven strategies to build on successes and setbacks.
  • “Apply it now,” with practical tools and enduring material.
  • Reinforcing, on-demand, interactive micro-learning videos.

Change is everywhere!

Mastering Your Mindset Part 3

Think Right, Do More Mindset Moments

Sustaining a positive mindset during challenging times can be tough without the resources and support you need. Just like any skill, “Thinking Right to Do More,” requires practice. The, “Think Right, Do More,” field guide helps you and your team put ideas into practice. Give your team the next chance to success through the Endurance of Ideas…what we call EOI or the real ROI of learning.

  • Part 3 of Mastering Your Mindset Series.
  • One, 55-minute, interactive micro-learning session.
  • Includes the Think Right, Do More field guide.
  • Blended learning with intros to on-demand, interactive, micro-videos.
  • “Apply it now,” with practical tools and enduring material.

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