Performance Mindset

Build mental toughness and resilience for greater results

How do you show up?

“Everyone lives by selling something”…Robert Louis Stephenson.

In Business and Sales 101, we learned to sometimes expect the unexpected. But despite sharply honed skills and keen technical knowledge mental blocks and interference can take you out of your game. When customers or colleagues shift direction or conditions change you must be agile. Education and experience matter but how you “show up,” in these situations can be the competitive advantage.

Targeting strengths vs. weaknesses

Focusing on maximizing strengths vs. battling weaknesses may sound counter-productive.  Coaching to strengths leads to better outcomes, better productivity, and overall performance. Yes, we do coach to weaknesses but most of the time the weaknesses we coach are not weaknesses at all.  They are strengths overdone. Building on the strengths of your team creates a culture of mental toughness, positive energy, and resiliency.

Ready. Mindset. Go!

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When we master our mindset, we align our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a way that allows us to overcome challenges, rebound easily from setbacks, maintain motivation and achieve great results.


Our thoughts can get in the way of performing at our best.  You can learn to avoid the traps that lead to mental blocks that negatively impact your ability to deliver your best skills and abilities in challenging situations.


What do we feel when change or challenges occur—fight, flight, freeze or a little of all the above? Bringing awareness to our internal reactions gives us greater control over how we outwardly respond.


The actions we take in stressful situations have far-reaching implications for ourselves and others. When we act with a performance mindset, we can effect positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Everyone is unique in how they “show up”. Most Valuable Practice (MVP) is when you bring YOUR BEST to the table when you need it most. It’s better than best. We help you be the MVP!

-Mike Miller, CEO beForte

OK... tell me more about how you DO this!