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When sales people possess a performance mindset, they understand their core strengths and think differently in dealing with challenges. In this jam-packed session, we’ll engage individuals with the fundamental concepts of why a performance mindset drives better sales results and how everyone can identify and build this mental muscle.

  • 2-hour, interactive, live workshop kick-off
  • Follow-up blended learning using cutting edge e-learning modules and toolkit
  • Optional Monthly Playbook for team optimization
  • Optional Performance Master Mindset Groups
  • Powered by Sales Motivations


It’s true that the only thing constant is change. Organizations experiencing significant or ongoing change from mergers and acquisition, reorganization, market repositioning, or more, this session is for you. Give your people the tools to reframe the idea of change and more readily adapt to the unexpected or unknown.

  • Half-day interactive, live workshop kick-off
  • Follow-up blended learning modules and toolkit to reinforce learned behaviors
  • Optional monthly Change Master Mindset groups
  • Powered by Sales Motivations

TEAM READY Mindset Go!

Take a big step toward building a stronger team dynamic with this energetic, interactive half-day session. We’ll employ simple tools and practical steps to unleash individual and team motivators and strengths with the goal of creating greater collaboration, cohesiveness and team performance.

  • Half-day jumpstart session
  • Practical strategies and tools to make the most of your team’s abilities, skills and energy
  • Blended learning options for live and virtual follow-up sessions
  • Flexible programming options to meet your team’s needs
  • Measurable results and sustainable behavioral change
  • Powered by Strengthscope Team


In the words of the great Vince Lombardi, “Leaders are made, they are not born.” Often it’s easier for us to see the leadership potential in others, than for them to embrace it within themselves. This comprehensive program includes multiple components to help would-be leaders identify their inherent strengths, then coach them in applying those strengths effectively, and setting performance goals for stepping up to the next level.

  • An integrated trilogy of workshops and coaching.
  • Uses FAST framework to accelerate:  Foundations, Application, Spark, Thrive.
  • Invitation to join optional Leaders Master Mindset group.
  • Powered by Strengthscope Leader


Thriving in sales naturally requires a competitive spirit. For sales people, how they show up mentally makes all the difference in their results. In this advanced virtual learning sessions, we’ll draw on the proven EPIC model to help instill best practice behaviors and reinforce high-performance habits for ongoing success.

  • Based on the EPIC (Energized Performance in Competition) model of behavioral learning
  • Sharpens competitive thinking and problem solving through tested strategies
  • Micro e-learning subscription series
  • Comprehensive training yet practical in application


Designed expressly for senior executives and sales managers, this program features a select set of topics focused on expanding a business leader mindset. These monthly meeting sessions provide opportunities to learn, present, discuss, and receive assistance with sales and performance challenges. Your 12-month membership includes 9 half-day monthly tracks and 3 one-on-one coaching sessions. (Limit 10 executives per group.)

  • The Significance of Mindset in Business
  • The Value of Mindset to Your Bottom Line
  • Hiring Performance Mindset Talent
  • Building Resilience with your Team
  • What to Do when it’s Going Wrong
  • Coaching to Performance Mindset
  • Building a Culture of Performance


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