The Continuing Story Of Forte And Strengthscope

November 5, 2015By Mike MillerUpdate

When Mike and I launched Forte at the beginning of 2015, we thought we had a good idea. One of our company core values is to “Make things simple,” and it seemed to make sense to just have Forte be the U.S. Licensor for the Strengthscope® assessment. So we built a shiny new website at with a robust login area where … Read More

Manage Energy, Not Time

October 22, 2015By Mike MillerEngagement, Update

I recently read a terrific blog post on the website of Dr. Michelle Robin, a speaker, author, radio host, and chiropractor who practices in the Kansas City area. Michelle is the founder of a remarkable integrative healing center called Your Wellness Connection. The post, Manage Energy, Not Time, was written by a friend of hers, Jenne Fromm–a life coach, facilitator, … Read More

Welcome To Forte!

August 27, 2015By Mike MillerUpdate

I’m so happy to welcome you to Forte, to our blog, and to all that we offer to leaders interested in healthy, positive, energized workplace cultures. And I’d like to begin with this: Life-changing. That’s how an employee of a client company recently described personal insight he had gained during a workshop facilitated by my … Read More

What The Heck Is Forte?

August 23, 2015By Mike MillerUpdate

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 was our first day of grad school. We met at The Gallup Organization World Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, all the classmates converging for two intense weeks of complete information deluge. It was utterly overwhelming and entirely invigorating, and I got the distinct sense that I was in the exact place I was supposed to … Read More