Encourage The Impossible

March 24, 2016By Mike MillerCulture, Future Of Work, Strengths

For me doing practically anything an Olympic athlete does is impossible. For me, building the financial models that power big companies is impossible. For me, playing in the NFL is impossible. (Don’t believe me, download a few photos.) It’s true that I don’t know how to do any of these things, but it’s not just … Read More

The Dirty Little Secret Of Diversity At Work

February 11, 2016By Mike MillerLeadership, Strengths

[This article was originally published on Switch & Shift] Intellectually, it’s easy for us to promote the value of diversity in our organizations. We can endlessly proclaim epithets about the added benefit of a diverse and varied constituency of employees, espousing the importance of mixing genders, races, generations, and lifestyles. In our heads, we “get … Read More

What Do You Mean By ‘Strength’?

December 3, 2015By Mike MillerStrengths

Today’s article originally appeared on strengthscope.com, written by Ana Loback, consultant with Strengths Partnership (based in the UK). *** How do we define strengths and how can they be used to maintain and enhance wellbeing and productivity at work? “Strengths are the underlying qualities that energize us and we are great at (or have the potential to … Read More