Welcome To Forte!

August 27, 2015By Mike MillerUpdate

I’m so happy to welcome you to Forte, to our blog, and to all that we offer to leaders interested in healthy, positive, energized workplace cultures. And I’d like to begin with this: Life-changing. That’s how an employee of a client company recently described personal insight he had gained during a workshop facilitated by my … Read More

What The Heck Is Forte?

August 23, 2015By Mike MillerUpdate

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 was our first day of grad school. We met at The Gallup Organization World Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, all the classmates converging for two intense weeks of complete information deluge. It was utterly overwhelming and entirely invigorating, and I got the distinct sense that I was in the exact place I was supposed to … Read More

How Do You Create An Awesome Company?

August 20, 2015By Mike MillerCulture

[This article was originally posted on joshallan.com on April 7, 2014] // Awhile back, I was invited into a circle of work revolutionaries who are drafting a “declaration” that accurately describes the essence of the global movement we’re seeing towards more life-giving organizations. Not a Declaration of Independence, but a “Declaration of Awesome Companies,” if … Read More

What If Gen Y Isn’t The Problem?

August 19, 2015By Mike MillerCulture

When I started writing Igniting the Invisible Tribe, I began my research by studying generations in the workplace. I wanted to see if age-related conflicts could be the cause of the epic friction we feel in business today. While I eventually dismissed generational contrast as a root cause, I continue to hear about the difficulties … Read More