Social Connecting during Social Distancing: Five Ways to Start

March 19, 2020By Mike MillerConnecting, Engagement, Mindset, Strengths, Team Effectiveness

The news changes daily and regular updates modifications of normal.  And yet, in business we need to press on as much as possible.  It takes more than just task orientation to stay connected.  It takes empathy and intentionality to go to another level.  StrengthSmart was designed as a conversation guide around individual strengths but has … Read More

Social Distancing and not Social Disconnection

March 13, 2020By Mike MillerEngagement, Strengths

Meetings are being cancelled, large events put on hold, and the opportunity to personally interact with business colleagues, clients, and coworkers is being interrupted due to COVID-19.  No one expected this.  Everyone is moving to virtual learning, working from home, and the reality of fewer in-person meetings.  The importance of human connection is critical to … Read More

A New Year, A New Look, and New Solutions at

February 10, 2020By Mike MillerUncategorized

If you haven’t had a chance, take a few seconds to check out our new website featuring some of our new performance solutions.  For over 10 years we have been the flagship consulting group for Strengthscope.  It still gets rave reviews!  That hasn’t changed.  You will find our full line of Strengthscope solutions from individual … Read More

The Mind of a Champion Part 5: Game Day Reflections

February 8, 2020By Mike MillerUncategorized

There’s nothing like a game day experience to observe the Mindset of a Champion.  And nothing compares to the Big Game. Last weekend I had the chance to experience it first-hand.  In an emotionally charged, rollercoaster contest, the Kansas City Chief’s overcame a 10-point deficit with 7 minutes to go to win Big Game 54.  … Read More


September 5, 2019By Mike MillerCulture, Engagement, Leadership, Team Effectiveness

The #1 medical diagnosis over the next 5-10 years in the US  will be anxiety and depression.   In one of the most prosperous and free countries in the history of the world, anxiety is growing at a clip to outpace the ability to treat it effectively!  There are a variety of factors that may be … Read More

What Do You Mean By ‘Strength’?

September 3, 2019By Mike MillerEnergy, Strengths

Today’s article originally appeared on, written by Ana Loback, consultant with Strengths Partnership (based in the UK). *** How do we define strengths and how can they be used to maintain and enhance wellbeing and productivity at work? “Strengths are the underlying qualities that energize us and we are great at (or have the potential to … Read More