BUSYNESS…the New Emotion

September 5, 2018By Mike MillerCulture

Think about the last time you talked to someone, maybe a friend, work colleague or family member, you hadn’t seen in a while. When you asked them how they have been how did they respond? How did you respond when they asked you? It usually goes something like this: “Hey there! How are you?” “Well, … Read More

Our Business Is Not Warm And Fuzzy

April 14, 2016By Mike MillerCulture, Leadership, Team Effectiveness

We often bump into the idea that the kind of work we do at Forte is perceived as “warm and fuzzy” by businesspeople. (My friend Shawn just expressed something similar on his site.) The work we do isn’t “fuzzy” or “soft,” but this is quite a persistent myth. Let me explain why it’s untrue—and more importantly, why it’s … Read More

No One Is Replaceable

April 7, 2016By Mike MillerCulture, Engagement, Leadership

This article was originally posted on Fast Company If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard many variations of it throughout your work career: “Everyone is replaceable.” In practice, it sounds like this… “If you don’t want to do the job, there are hundreds—maybe thousands!—of people who are desperate for work and we’ll go find them.” … Read More

Encourage The Impossible

March 24, 2016By Mike MillerCulture, Future Of Work, Strengths

For me doing practically anything an Olympic athlete does is impossible. For me, building the financial models that power big companies is impossible. For me, playing in the NFL is impossible. (Don’t believe me, download a few photos.) It’s true that I don’t know how to do any of these things, but it’s not just … Read More

Is Having A Good Job A Human Rights Issue?

March 10, 2016By Mike MillerEngagement, Future Of Work

[This article was originally published on Switch & Shift] Today, our organizations are a lot of things… They are the economic engines of the world. For example, did you know that of the top 150 economic entities in the world, 58% of those entities are corporations — not nations/countries? They are the places where we occupy some most of our time. Where do … Read More

The Future Of Management Is No Managers

March 3, 2016By Mike MillerFuture Of Work, Leadership

[This article was originally posted on The Huffington Post] When I was doing the research for my book, Igniting the Invisible Tribe, I stumbled across an article by Gary Hamel called “First, Let’s Fire All The Managers.” Released by Harvard Business Review in December of 2011 about a California-based tomato processing company called Morning Star, I … Read More

Do You Remember Your Company’s Big Why?

February 25, 2016By Mike MillerEngagement, Leadership

[This article was originally published on Forbes] It’s easy to vilify business. Sadly, we’re usually justified in these feelings, too. For many reasons, over the past decades business folks have gotten the idea that it’s OK to screw over their employees, foul up the environment, and treat customers like garbage. But all these antics are covering up … Read More

“How Are You Today?” — A New Emotion Emerges

February 18, 2016By Mike MillerGeneral

If you’ve recently asked someone, “How are you?” a likely response you heard was, “Oh fine, just busy.” And there you have it. “Busy” has been now elevated to an emotion! Unfortunately, we live in a society that thrives on being busy. In fact, it’s almost a badge of honor! I mean, what if you … Read More

The Dirty Little Secret Of Diversity At Work

February 11, 2016By Mike MillerLeadership, Strengths

[This article was originally published on Switch & Shift] Intellectually, it’s easy for us to promote the value of diversity in our organizations. We can endlessly proclaim epithets about the added benefit of a diverse and varied constituency of employees, espousing the importance of mixing genders, races, generations, and lifestyles. In our heads, we “get … Read More