If you haven’t had a chance, take a few seconds to check out our new website featuring some of our new performance solutions.  For over 10 years we have been the flagship consulting group for Strengthscope.  It still gets rave reviews!  That hasn’t changed.  You will find our full line of Strengthscope solutions from individual and leader coaching to team accelerators on their new page at beforte.com/programs/strengths/

Mental readiness for performance is one of the most important ways to build a competitive advantage.  It is the new edge in business!  NEW to our website but not to our practice are our solutions in developing a performance mindset with any team.  Resilience, motivation, and performance can improve by overcoming negative thoughts.  Are your teams facing change, ambiguity, volatility, or other distractions that could get in the way of their performance?  If so find out more at beforte.com/programs/mindset/

Level Five Selling and Coaching is our new product offering developed by my mentor and successful sales training guru, John Hoskins.  John is a wizard at creating customer facing and manager coaching strategies that make a measurable difference.  This is NOT just another selling system (who needs those paraded through again).  Observational research in the field suggests that 60% customer interactions are ‘scrap and waste’.  Do your customer facing teams deliver value on every call?  Would any clients call your team first before making a buying decision?  How do you move beyond ‘scrap and waste’ customer interactions and sales calls to get to the next level…Level Five?  Click here to find out more about Level Five Selling and Coaching beforte.com/programs/level5/

Finally, if you work hard to hire great sales talent, let us demo our latest solution to help you make the best choice.  Built on nearly 40 years of data, Sales Genomix is a scientifically validated selection tool specifically built to help you pick the best candidate for your specific sales or customer-facing role.  You can read more about Sales Genomix at salesgenomix.com/

Thanks for checking out the new and improved BeForte.com.  Be Strong!