The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will face off in the BIG GAME on February 2nd in Miami.  For the Chiefs it will be their first trip back to the Big Game in 50 years!  The Niners have won five Big Games since the early 1980s but have also been in a drought with their last appearance in 2013 where they lost against the Baltimore Ravens.  Both teams are looking to prove something.  But who will show up when it matters most?

Having a shot at the Big Game is the culmination finding the right talent, making the most of that talent on and off the field, putting together enough wins to make it to the tournament, avoiding injuries, and showing up when it matters most.  Studies show that the average starting NFL player will only actually spend 12 minutes of a 60-minute game doing (3 hours televised) what they train hundreds of hours to do: Make plays!  The rest of the time is spent on the sidelines, in huddles, or reviewing what just happened.  With all of that time preparing physically, strategically, technically, and mentally, all of the hard work comes down to one game, the Big Game.  What does it take to show up and be at your BEST in the Big Game?  How do you prepare for what could be a once-in-a-fifty-year event?  How do you get a team in the right place to deliver when in matters most?

Over the next two weeks leading up to the Big Game, I will be proposing ways that these two teams prep for what could be the game of their life.  You may not be facing the game of your life in the next two weeks but at some point, you will also have a Big Game.  How will you “show up,” when it matters most?  How can you guide a team to a big win?  In this FIVE PART series I will share some secrets of how the best performers mentally prepare for the Big Game.

(photo credit Dave Adamson, Unsplashed)